We are proud to announce our borg backup wrapper version 1.0 (direct download here or ‘git clone’ the repo).

You can find all of the documentation and the latest downloads within our makeITyourway projects page on github.


What is this ?

After living long years with duplicity as a backup tool and enjoying all of the features and disadvantages of this little tool, we started some proof of concept using the smart and simple borg backup.

Having some really cool advantages (in comparsion to duplicity), we decided that borg will be the tool to stick with for our new projects. Sadly, the handling of borg was highly flexible but not really “usable” for automated backups, backing up multiple different customers on one machine and monitoring it via icinga.

So we came up with a lot of ideas for a nice little wrapper script, which should make the handling and the operation of the borg backup tool as easy and as automated as possible.


What offers the miyw – borg wrapper ?

  • project based backup of multiple (customers / things like mysql or webspace)
  • cron trigger to automatically run (backup, verify and prune)
  • icinga – health check (project based) to alert if backups are missing
  • huge configuration template (project based) for best customization
  • a “borg – shell” to trigger commands within the project environment (REALLY COOL THINGY !)
  • and a lot more cool features (please read the docs here)


Your feedback, bug reports, questions as well as “github star rankins” are highly appreciated ;)

We really hope you enjoy the usage as much as we already do.